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DuckHill Workshop is a small, Wisconsin based company that designs and builds functional furniture, rooted in tradition but looking to the future. The pieces we build are unique to each client, and of a quality that will allow them to be passed down through generations. We harvest, mill, and process almost all of our lumber, in an effort to be better stewards of our natural resources. We are building not just for the needs of now, but also to the needs of the future, in the hopes that future generations will continue to find the fruits of our labors useful and aesthetically pleasing.


About us

I'm Ben, and this is my wife Megan. We have both entered our early 30's and have been scrutinizing the way we want to spend the rest of our lives together. Over the last four years our individual visions for the future began to congeal into a life together. The DuckHill Workshop is the first leap in our adventure, and we are excited to share it with you.


Keep track of our progress milling the Giant Silver Maple, building out the workshop, and our custom furniture projects.



One of the motivators for this adventure in the first place was a plea for a chainsaw mill while helping a friend hew 30" pine timbers by hand. Since that conversation three years ago, a chainsaw, and mill have been purchased, a giant silver maple has been cut down, and we are off to the races.

Custom Furniture

Whether building end tables for our home, product displays for a barbershop, or head tables for a wedding venue, follow along with all of our custom projects. 

Or request a quote for your own custom pieces.

The workshop

Here you will find the continuous evolution of the physical DuckHill Workshop. From the often flooded basement of a rented farmhouse, to half of a shared two car garage, to the eventual dream shop. Check here for all of the tips and plans for building workbenches, shop cabinets, and french cleats.

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Welcome to the workshop, we're glad you're here.

You'll find lots of tips and tricks on practical workshop organization, unsponsored tool reviews, project plans, and chainsaw milling.

Let us know if there is anything you want to know more about, and we'll help you find the best answers for your shop, space and style.